Having been in the Corporate Gift Business for over 30 years and making some of the most unique and innovative products requested by clients and ideas given to clients; Wood items were one of the most sought after products because there are so many uses for wood as a material. It is sustainable, completely biodegradable, works as an effective insulator and is 100% renewable.


A small hotel chain came to us requesting a cool and unique way to generate new clients. We tailored a proposal targeting 30 Corporate Travel personnel from Fortune 500 Companies. The program would last 4 months and every month they would send to each of the 30 people, a 4 page Travel Newsletter about their Hotel Chain, why it would be a great venue to house salespeople, have corporate meetings or special events and spoke about the enclosed surprise gift. We called the program; The What’s It Program?

The What’s It Program offered very creative, unique and innovative items used in a functional manner by everyday people. Our hope was to generate more interest in their Hotel Brand and have the respective companies located within the areas of their 7 hotels; use them for their corporate needs.

The first item we offered was a puzzle box. It was engraved with the hotels name and sent out as a marketing tool to the Corporate Travel managers.

They were to figure out how to get inside the box without breaking it. Whomever figured it out, received a unique gift. A few got close but no one after the first month figured it out. The second month, a hint for the Puzzle Box was placed in the newsletter while another gift was sent asking the receivers to figure out what the item was and how it us used.

Only one person figured it how to open the Puzzle Box as she told us she spent day and night playing with it. Mind you, this was before the Internet came about and there were no “ cheat sheets “!

After 4 months of having interpersonal contact with both client and hotel, receiving the unique gifts and learning more about each other’s companies the program ended. Within 3 months following, the hotel management told us 6 companies of the 30 have reached out and rented various space for their employees, while others were still maintaining communications. The companies that came on board told the hotel management that the items sent not only kept a line of communication open with the hotel but bonded other employees within their own company who wanted to figure out what their gifts were used for.

All of our wood or bamboo products are used daily in peoples lives; for giveaways, tradeshows, leave behinds when meeting with a respective or perspective client, employee appreciation or incentive programs, gift with purchase, special events or for awards and motivation. All our products are branded with company identity either by being laser engraved or printed.

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